Zysco: Mobile Solutions for a New GenerationEmpowering Users with intuitive and sophisticated Productivity Applications

Zysco is dedicated to empower the new Mobile Generation with intuitive and sophisticated Productivity Applications. Although focused on the consumer market with a suite of iOS Applications, we are also delivering enterprise solutions for selected clients.
Zysco is offering a complete Suite of Services helping companies Design, Develop and Deploy Mobile Apps.  We are combining this activity with our Consumer App Development as they are very complimentary to each other.
Our Consumer Apps are a critical success factor.  We are able to maintain the interest of our developers and avoid any downtime in between Professional Services Clients by assigning our team onto high potential Consumer Apps.  This Model has proven to be very successful and created a significant financial leverage for our company profit and success.
Our Professional Services provide a turnkey solution for Companies who want to enter or re-enforce their position on the Mobile Computing Industry.   We are leveraging highly skilled and experienced resources to ensure the success of our clients.
Located in Orange County we are dedicated to the Southern California Area and more particularly Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo.

  • 24.02.2015
    Denis Zysman (CEO) presented a showcase of our Consumer Apps.  On topic was the combination of Consumer and Vertical Apps, Agile and Prototyping methodologies, UI/UX recommendations and how to position your App as the solution to a real problem....
  • 13.01.2015

    Trying to get ready for a Camping trip can really get overwhelming.  All the things you have to  remember, all the items you have to pack and in many cases the coordination and communication with your camper buddies….  Pro Camping Planner takes the stress out by organizing all the data in one place and providing a simple communication platform with your Camping Buddies. 
  • Checkout our new Filter UI, probably one of the best we have ever seen on iOS...
  • 27.06.2014
    Check out this great review of Pro Party Planner by Coco Magazine!
  • 13.06.2014
    Pro Project Planner got Featured by Apple in the "Home Sweet Home" App Collection as the Premier App for Home Improvement Management!  1 in 100,000 Apps are selected for featured sections!
  • #1 iTunes featured App in the new Productivity Apps! 20 Selected over 1000+